Once a part of the JEM family, always a part of the JEM family!

While you may have graduated from UW and moved on, we always consider our community members part of our family.

Please keep in touch with us and include us in your life occasions. We miss each and everyone of you!

For updates on what is happening in the JEM alumni community (get-togethers, networking, whats happening on campus, etc..) please fill in your information below.

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In addition we are fortunate to have our Chai Society started by some special alumni. The Chai Club (chai in Hebrew is the numerical value of 18) is how many JEM alumni choose to pay forward and ensure that other UW Jewish students will have the opportunity of the JEM experience.  Most alumni choose to begin their partnership in JEM’s future with $18 a month (equal to about one dinner, a movie or half a night out) and see where their incomes take them.

Follow the Chai Society link to choose an amount that works for you. Remember any amount helps!

Love ya and miss ya!

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