The House

The JEM-House, located at 233 Langdon st., has added an exciting new dimension to the JEM experience. The “House” features delicious weekly Shabbat meals, both for Friday night dinner and Shabbos lunch (actually we never truly close on Shabbat), as well as becoming a home and resource center for the Jewish community on campus. The “House” has also allowed JEM to add many new programs such as Simply Social, the Bais Medrash and a host of others in addition to giving a more comfortable and classy environment  all our other established programs.

Please stop in and visit! Here are the best times to drop by:

* Weekdays: Monday – Thursday: 9 AM – 11 PM

* Shabbat: 1 hr before sunset  Friday – 2 hrs after nightfall Saturday


Wanna visit outside these hours? Feel free to chance it or contact us to set up your visit!


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