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Rabbi Gershon Vogel


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Rabbi Gairshon Vogel grew up south of the Mason-Dixon line (Baltimore, MD).
He received a bachelor’s in Talmudic Law from Talmudic University of Florida. Subsequently he tried NY for a while. But after a few months, he followed his dreams and bought a one-way ticket to Israel! Continuing his education in Israel, he decided to rough it in Yeshivat HaNegev an all Hebrew speaking Yeshiva. He earned his master’s degree there and received Rabbinic Ordination from the dean, Rabbi Yissachar Meyer ztz”l.

For a quarter of a century he was teaching people between the ages of 5 and 85+. He also worked on the Artscroll Shas App. Rabbi Vogel loves teaching Torah, traveling (especially to Israel), boating, quality time with family and having a liChaim with friends.

Rabbi Vogel and his soulmate, Chaya, are thrilled to meet you!


Chaya Vogel


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Although Chaya was born in Hollywood Ca., she was bred a “Valley Girl” (thankfully not in the true sense of the term). She began her post high school education studying in Machon Devora, a teacher seminary in Israel, and continued on to receive her bachelor’s in judaic studies. Her passion for helping children succeed, led her to pursue her Master’s in special education from Johns Hopkins University. Chaya loves playing basketball, hiking, swimming, boating (well, anything to do with water) and hanging out with friends and grand kids.


Rabbi Mati Miller, Assistant Rabbi

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Rabbi Miller is probably one of the most laid back Rabbi’s you’ll meet. He brings more than a decade of intensive study in Israel under the outstanding tutelage  of Torah luminaries such as Rav Tzvi Kushelevsky, shlita and Rav Yitzchak Berkowitz, shlita.  Rabbi Miller is an avid musician and enjoys chilling out with Jews from all backgrounds.

Rabbi Miller and his wife Chaya Esther (Burnham) and their precious children love hosting guests for Shabbos. Rabbi Miller teaches throughout western Wisconsin so hit him up for a coffee or beverage of your choice:

Chaya Esther Miller

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Mrs. Miller is more than your average rebbetzin. Chaya Esther loves to learn a wide variety of topics with women while busy raising four wonderful children.

Mrs. Miller received certification from JME (Jewish Marriage Education) with world renown Rabbi and Mrs. Abrimov as well as attending numerous courses at the Jerusalem Kollel in Jerusalem under the auspices of HaRav Yitzchak Berkowitz, shlita.


Behind the Scenes:

Rocky Anton,  Executive Director


Rabbi AntonRabbi Yerachmiel Anton affectionately known as “Rabbi Rocky” is JEM’s founder and Executive Director.

Rocky began his own Jewish education in Hillel Academy in Milwaukee. He then studied in the Telshe Yeshiva in Chicago. Rocky advanced his Talmudic studies in the Israel branch of the famed Lakewood Yeshiva. He was in Kollel in Jerusalem for seven years.

In the summer of 1994, the Anton family came back to Milwaukee to join the Milwaukee Kollel. After giving classes on campus as part of his Kollel role, Rabbi Rocky came to love teaching college students and the Madison campus in particular. After leaving the Kollel, this passion led him to start JEM.

Rabbi Rocky and his wife, Nechi and family live in Milwaukee where he runs the Administrative office of JEM. When Rabbi Rocky is not too busy with JEM, he enjoys spending quality time with his family.


Avi Zaitschek,  Director of Development

Rabbi ZaitchekAvi grew up in a home centered around outreach work in Mamaroneck, NY.  After graduating from Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim H.S. in Queens, NY, Avi spent the next five years learning in Eretz Yisroel. (Ohr Sameach, Torah Ohr, Mir) Avi met his life’s partner Chava Rochel while in Yerushalayim.

The Zaitscheks currently reside in Milwaukee, WI with their pride and joy, eighteen year old Sara, thirteen year old Yaakov and four year old Yehuda.

Avi’s role as Director of Development requires Avi to be on the road a number of times each month.  He is totally committed to the goals and success of JEM, and he gets no greater pleasure that being part of the process to make sure that JEM stays financially secure.


Miriam Yarmush,  Administrator

miriam3Miriam is JEM’s busy office manager. She grew up in Detroit, MI where she began to work on a bachelor’s in computer science after high school. Marriage to Rabbi Dov (currently of Milwaukee’s Yeshiva Elementary School) brought about a move to Jerusalem, where she lived for three years, had two children, and found time to finish that degree. She moved to Ottawa, Ontario in 2001 where she was involved with different outreach organizations. Four more children joined the family over the next ten years (two girls sandwiching four boys, yes it’s pretty busy). In the summer of 2013 Miriam and family moved to Milwaukee. In addition to her role at JEM, Miriam is the coordinator of Nshei of Milwaukee, an organization that provides meals, rides and anything else that’s needed for the sick, elderly or newcomers to Milwaukee’s Jewish community. She enjoys good times with the family, cooking up a storm, and bossing Rabbis around.


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