Give the gift of a meaningful High Holidays, Pesach, Chanukah, Purim or Sukkot for over 350 students on campus.



What it Does

Full High Holidays $3,600.00 Ensures that there will be a meaningful, delicious, and comfortable High Holidays for the UW Jewish Community  Donate
Partial High Holidays $1,800.00 Co-Sponsors the High Holidays  Donate
Sukkot $1,800.00 A Beautiful Sukkot filled with festive meals, an open Sukkah and more  Donate
Chanukah $1,800.00 Free Menorahs, Gelt, Latkes and more! This also sponsors the biggest united Jewish program on campus…. The annual Chanukah Party hosted by all the Jewish Orgs that wish to join.  Donate
Passover $1,800.00 Sponsor a Pesach Seder.  Donate
Passover $1,000.00 Sponsor a Pesach meal.  Donate

You can also send a check made payable to JEM to:


JEM Business Office

3453 N 54th St.

Milwaukee WI 53216

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