Rosh Hashana

Happy New Year to the Jews!! Looking for someplace fun and inspiring to spend the holiday? Come to JEM!

In order to preserve the special atmosphere that makes Rosh Hashanah and JEM special, we are limiting the number of places at the RH meals and services. Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Please make sure to register for each event early as we would love to spend such a special time with you. (Of course we would never leave anybody out in the cold….. if you try to register after the spots at JEM are filled we will direct you to one of the other great organizations on campus.)

And of course JEM meals are an experience; not a get in, get food and get out scene. So let your friends, family, bubby, and dog know…. you’ll speak to them after RH is over. Shana Tova!

All services and meals are Free. To partner with us and offset the cost of this momentous time please feel free to donate $18 or any other appropriate amount.


Here’s the amazing Rosh Hashanah schedule. Please check off which events you would like to attend!


This year Yom Kippur falls out on Wednesday October 12. We host a one of a kind immersive Yom Kippur experience. For more info click here! YOM KIPPUR



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