Welcome to Madison!

Over the next four years your life will develop in so many new ways: your social world, educational horizons, and personal interests will expand by leaps and bounds.

One of the most amazing opportunities you will have as a college student is to explore your Judaism, define who you are, and develop your potential. At JEM, we believe that each person has their own path and direction. We offer many opportunities ranging from Holidays and Shabbat to social events, classes and Israel trips. Get involved as much as you like with or without any commitment. We are here to be a resource in a warm and friendly environment.  Relationships built here don’t last for four years… they last a lifetime.

We offer students a “coffee” (on us) at Starbucks, the JEM house or another venue to meet for 20 minutes and inform you about all the amazing Jewish opportunities on campus.

Just fill in the form below for more info on this meeting and we will be schmoozing soon!

We look forward to having you join our community and families.

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