High Holidays With JEM

Start your new year on the right foot! Let us take you higher these High Holidays with an amazing Alternative Prayer Experience, thought provoking discussions and of course great food!!

Check out each holiday’s page for more information, and to sign up:

Rosh Hashana

Yom Kippur














HERE is the registration info

All services and meals are Free. To partner with us and offset the cost of this momentous time please feel free to donate $18 or any other appropriate amount. Click here to partner with us (please make a link to the donate page here) ( also can u think of a way to write this nicer?)


First night traditional evening service (Wed, Sept 4, 6pm)
Wednesday Evening Prayer Experience (7pm)
Wednesday Evening Dinner (8pm)
Thursday Morning Service (9:30am)
Thursday Shofar Blowing (12noon)
Thursday Lunch (3pm)
Thursday Evening Service (7:30pm)
Thursday Evening Dinner (8:15pm)
Friday Morning Service (9:30am)
Friday Shofar Blowing (12noon)
Friday Lunch (3pm)There will be an extraordinary Shabbos following Rosh Hashanah (this is the first one of the YEAR after all!) please click here to sign up (please make a link to the regular shabbos page here)[Yom Kippur at JEM is an immersive experience. The only one at UW. For more info please contact us] (please make a link here to the contact page)


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